Honda Purchase Program

Program Details

Together, everyone achieves more. This is the philosophy behind Sunny King Honda and the new Team Honda Purchase Program. Honda is initiating this purchase program for their valuable team members - Honda associates, Honda retirees, and Honda dealership associates, and their eligible family members. The program allows eligible customers to purchase new Honda models at discounted prices. Sunny King Honda is the nearest dealership to the Honda Plant in Lincoln, Alabama. Take advantage of your savings now.

Buyer Eligibility

The following buyers are eligible to receive the discounted pricing:

  • Honda associates, retirees, and their family members (including children, parents & siblings)
  • Honda dealership associates and their spouses/domestic partners


Frequently asked questions for employees who work at the Honda Plant in Lincoln, AL? Please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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  • What vehicles are eligible for a discount If I work for Honda?
  • Can I receive my discount for a used car if I work for Honda?
  • What if I work for staffing temp agency?
  • Which family members are eligible for a discount if I work at Honda?